API development

API (Application Programming Interface) is a useful and modern tool for developers when they are working with information systems. In general, it is a group of codes, methods, links or parameters which allow communicating with databases for getting structured or unstructured data securely and confidently.


Why do we need API?
If your website is supposed to be connected with other web applications, than you need API. At the development process you should define needed operations for communicating, and according with these needs, a developer designs API.
The API is accessed by using a token which is only given to trusted web systems. It provides protection and safety of your data.


Our e-commerce websites, which are suggested for rent, consist of API out of the box. You can look into an example by visiting the link https://lemongrass.sitewill.com/modules/api/v1.0/_docs/


Apart API we also develop uploading data into structured formats such XML, CSV, XLSX, TXT. It may be useful for exporting your database into third-party services.

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