Big update of BCMS


What's new in BCMS 6.0


We are proud of the new release of the content management system BCMS 6.0. We took into account new clients requests, and that's what happened: the new CMS is responsible for all the screen sizes; the administrators of the CMS will receive notifications about new requests on their websites; drafts are available.




From now on, BCMS works perfectly on all mobile devices. You don't need to search for a laptop with a big screen nearby. You can manage the content of your website and process orders on the go with any of your devices.


Responsive CMS is an important feature of the BCMS content management system. A responsive CMS allows the web site administrators editing content from any device, regardless of the size or a type of device. It ensures that any content is displayed correctly on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. Responsive CMSs also provide users with an optimised experience, allowing them to quickly and easily find the content they need. By providing a consistent user experience across all devices, a responsive CMS can help to improve user experience.




Welcome to the CMS Notifications! It helps you to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from your website. Your website may consist of forms where customers fill in their information or simply make orders in case your website is an e-commerce website. From now on the CMS will notify administrators about those occurrences immediately.


Administrators will be able:

  • To spot a new order right away
  • React to the order immediately
  • Answer to the client's request


Quick responses increase credence to your website and its conversion. Check the feature out today and never miss out on the latest purchases or form requests from your website.

To see how it works feel free to fill the form on this website and check the subsequent notification in the Content Management System.




Probably, you have come across with the situations when you had lost your data due to an outage of electricity, an internet connection, or an accidental closure of the browser. With the new BCMS 6.0, it won't happen anymore. 


* Drafts allow you to save your content and come back to it later


You don't have to worry about losing your work. By default, all new data are being stored in the draft while you are typing new information.


You might start on one device, continue on another, and finish on a third. All your data will be preserved.


If you don't want to apply changes, press the button "Clear draft". With drafts, you can make sure your content is ready before you publish it.


The admin panel has got a new design. Moreover, we improved security, functionality, and performance. Your admin system will be ready to help you any time. 

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