Laravel Nova 4.0


Why Laravel

It's been a while since we started leveraging Laravel Nova 4.0 as one of our beloved administration panels. The laravel framework is perhaps the most popular and highly praised framework written in PHP. It's supported by a huge community of developers and it seems as if programmers around the globe work together on updating features of the framework as well as the security system and stability. In addition to the basic team of developers, there are a bunch of enthusiasts who develop packages, which make Laravel useful for small and big projects.

Look at the graphic of popularity of the Laravel framework given below:

Graphic of popularity

The Laravel Nova administration panel is updated constantly and we follow all the updates to bring new features for our clients as quickly as possible. 


How it looks like

There are several screenshots of Laravel Nova for you to look at

Configurable dashboard

Main dashboard with customizable metrics

List of records

A typical list of records


A typical form for editing a record

Admin form

A form for editing permissions of an administrator of the CMS

We have developed several websites since the date of Laravel Nova release and want to share with you some interesting features.  

Harnessed features in details

1. Dashboards and Metrics

We can customize the dashboard and put useful metrics on it. It allows an owner of a business to have all the important data in sight. There are value metrics, trend metrics, partition metrics, and progress metrics. Value metrics and trend metrics may contain ranges for filtering results. Take a look at the screenshot below.  

2. Support for multilingual websites.

We can control languages as we need. Laravel Nova will show all the languages from the settings on the top right corner. An administrator can edit texts on all the configured languages simultaneously.



3. Search

Apart from everything else we want to emphasize the search system. It's very fast and useful to find quickly information for editing. It can be used for global search on the whole CMS or local search throughout a module. By connecting the native search system with Algolia, we can achieve search with spelling.


4. Photo gallery and the cropping images feature

We've got a convenient way to add galleries to any record in the CMS. Just choose media files, sort them by dragging and dropping and here you are, the photos will be added to the selected page.


Also, we can use a field that allows an administrator to choose an area on a photo to be cropped.


5. Dictionary

On all the websites that we have developed, we implemented a module called Dictionary. It's a very useful module that gives the ability to work with words, short phrases, and some settings on a website. For instance, in the screenshot below, you can observe how our system is used for editing the Google analytics code. The same ability persists for all the mentioned situations. it means that a whole website is under control of an administrator.



6. Customization

We can develop custom features. It means that not only do we able to use the prepared interface, but also we can develop special modules. Look at the screenshot with a big form for putting stock prices for several assets at once.


If you liked our overview, you might want to look at some websites powered by Laravel Nova in our portfolio. Also, you might look into our own CMS system. Head out here. Finally, If you have decided to make a deal with us, go ahead, and look at our prices.

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