Custom development

What is custom development used for?


A specially developed content management system (CMS) for specific tasks is called custom development.

It's quite common when developing a custom CMS is the only way to develop a proper e-commerce website or other web application.


* For instance


When we were developing the EslaCademy website, we needed to develop a convenient way of managing users' calendars. We achieved that by developing the specific calendar feature. See the snapshot below:

A custom schedule for customers
Custom calendar for a website


If you are unsure which content management system is ready for your needs (custom or regular), you can make a request to our support in the form below.

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Custom software versus Off-the-shelf software


You might have already been familiar with some off-the-shelf content management systems such WordPress or Drupal. These CMS are maintained and updated by the community of developers and they provide basic functionality out of the box. Later on, you can expand the basic packages with third-party libraries. In most basic cases that's enough, but for more serious purposes, sooner or later you will come across extra payments for this and that because every third-part development has a free minimal tier and a premium tier. Having a bunch of packages, you may burn through money. Another situation that may cause a headache is the complexity of developed packages. In essence, they try to provide too much, and eventually, you will have to deal with a quite cumbersome system under each link of your admin panel.

On the other hand, dealing with custom development, you will get only the needed functionality, but maximum effectively adapted for your business goal. All the configurations will have been done during the development process and in general, you don't need to dig deep and take care of the technical stuff. You will just work with orders, requests, etc from your clients. Surely, you have to be involved in the development process and pay in advance, but later you won't be caught off guard by extra payments or limits. Another benefit of this approach is the speed of your future website. Most performance issues are fine-tuned by a technical specialist and no extra modules or packages are needed. All performance configurations are done on the low-level server configuration that benefits your website much better than extra software.



There are other benefits of custom development:

  • Having an agreement with developers, you will get your software with open code. It will seem as if you wrote the code yourself.
  • Security. Custom development is less vulnerable to hackers because it is not uploaded anywhere on the internet as it happens with all third-party packages.

If you have a unique idea for an e-commerce website or a website of another type and you haven't found an off-the-shelf software, our specialists are able to develop it especially for your needs and for your convenience.

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