Integration with third-party developments

If you need to connect your website with another service, it means that you have to deal with third-party systems. For e-commerce websites, it's often required to connect a website with payment systems, delivery services, connections to social media, google maps, and other services.

In general, all described connections should be done whilst a website is being developed. But there's no problem to complete integrations later when your website works already. The main goal of integration with other services is to expand your business by providing a customer with more convenient ways to interact with a website.

There are several ways of integration:

  1. The easiest one is when you just put a short meta-tag or HTML tag into your admin panel
  2. A bit more complicated way when you need to store a piece of javascript code. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes you need the help of your programmer.
  3. The most complicated way is by working with the API of the needed service. This task can be done only by a professional programmer.


Site for rent and integration with third-party software

When you rent a website at our studio, you get all the services that are described out of the box. You don't need to be wary about configuration and integration at all. Moreover, later on, when your website works, it gets all the updates of the services without your attention. We take care of any technical stuff.


For you

If you need something that is not in existence already, we can discuss the integration of it. Write your comment in the form below and we will answer shortly.

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