Laravel based CMSs

You may have had experience working with the Laravel framework or you may have heard that it's the most popular PHP framework for website development. So have we.

In our daily working life, we use two CMS based on the Laravel framework. They are Laravel Nova and October CMS. We use only licensed base packages and additional plugins or develop needed functionality ourselves. 

Additionally, we have a habit to follow and get acquainted with all the new features of the CMSs and the framework itself. Having a deal with us, we can have a deal for future updates and support of a developed website. 

Look at a few screenshots of Laravel Nova below in case you are not familiar with it.

Laravel Nova regular module view



Laravel Nova Dashboard



Having mentioned OcrtoberCMS, we want to continue with it. It's also developed upon the Laravel framework. Mainly we use this CMS for e-commerce websites because it has predeveloped packages for most cases of e-commerce. We expand the basic functionality for the needs of a client in order to get as maximum as possible from the CMS and the framework. Look at the basic views of OctoberCMS below:

October CMS

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