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If you’re planning to buy a car in the USA you can visit this site catalogue. This site shows you a list of used luxury cars for sale. 

On the start page, you can see all cars with the most important information about each car. A detailed product description has a form to write a message to a contact seller. This site is unique because of the large number of quality photos.




BCMS for special needs


Plenty of photos help you to make the right choice. You can spot that the website works fast despite the number of photos. It was built with the BCMS admin panel that helps to work with it conveniently as fast as possible.

BCMS system is an intuitive CMS system. It's a workplace that is developed just for you and your business. You won't see anything that isn't in need but your data in front of you.

This site is a bright example of a custom development admin panel for special needs. The owner will be focused on sales and requests. No extra configuration or special knowledge is needed.


Financing page


Please, visit the Financing page with a massive form, and you can get surprised by how simple it can be to make a reservation for your car. 




This form collects all the needed data from a prospective client and the owner of the website helps to push a financial deal further as quickly as possible.

The price for a custom development you can find here and get in touch for discussion here 


If you are looking for a simple way to create your unic custom site, have a look at our article about custom development


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