Ukrainian Saffron

Е-commerce Ukrainian Shaffron

Let us introduce a perfect example of a one-product online store to you  - Ukrainian Saffron. This is a family handmade product. 

With a growing-up business, the online store was needed to increase the number of customers.


Customers should be able to buy the product from the top part of the site, which is a quick, convenient, and simple way for purchasing. The clients can find useful information, delicious recipes, and reviews about this plant on the site.

This site was built with the Laravel Nova PHP framework.





What makes a one-product store unique


Clients who have a one-product internet store always can immediately expand their online business just to add another item to their catalog using a content management system. In case the owner decides to implement the user cabinet, our programmers can help with that.


If you are looking for a good and user-friendly CMS system for your site, have a look at Laravel 4.0 or BCMS.


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