Are there any compulsory extra payments?

You need to register a domain for a future website. The price of the domain depends on a zone (com, net, region).   
What is it?   
* You won't need to pay for hosting. This payment is included in the rent price.


How can I put my information on the website?

The most important thing in the renting process and working a website altogether is automatic updates of the catalog of the e-commerce website. During this process, the catalog is being updated with prices, balances, and other important information.   
Most frequently, automatic updates are performed by using xls(x), csv, txt, xml files or other formats.   
If you have an online database, the synchronization process can be done on the go.   
If your catalog is not huge, you are free to work with your catalog yourself.


Which information am I allowed to change?

You are free to change all the text information on your future website. The main menu, news, blog, catalog, and other information are suited in the left sidebar of the content management system. For example, in order to change on the main page of the website, you need to go to the section "Menu" and click the edit button against the corresponding line. Then tab "Texts", change the information, and press on the "Save" button.

Edit form

Other information, such phones and contacts in the header, footer, names of fields and other short words and phrases around the whole website are edited in the section Dictionary. It is in a dropdown menu that is suited under the gear icon in the top right corner.



Dictionary - General

Finely, you can manage Google Analytics and other third-party codes in the dictionary as well.


How can I change the logo?

After authentication in the content management system, you should go to the External view tab. Then the Logo menu item is in the General preferences dropdown menu. Click the Choose the file button, choose a file from your computer, and upload it. It will do the trick.


You can change many other things in the External view section.


How can I place the google map with my address?

The easiest and free-from-charge way is to copy an HTML code which is placed in the share tab to the Dictionary, the MAP group, and the iframe variable.

Google Map

There will be width and height parameters in the copied iframe code. In order to get the best view of the map, you should set these parameters to width="100%" height="auto"


Where can I add the google analytics code?

The code should be placed in a variable that is in the Dictionary, the GENERAL group. Its name is google_analitics.


There are two more variables for other codes:

  • If you have a code that should be between the head tags, use Dictionary/GENERAL/head
  • If you have a code that should be before the </body> tag, use Dictionary/GENERAL/counters


Does the website form the sitemap.xml file?

Sure, it does. It's achievable on the https://your domain/sitemap.xml address.


How can I connect my website with PayPal?

There are two ways how you can do it. It's the so-called PayPal Merchant method and the PayPal Pro method.    
The PayPal Merchant method is free, but it prompts a customer to go to the PayPal website and make a payment there. To use this method you should provide your e-mail address registered on the PayPal website in the Delivery and payments module/Payment systems/PayPal Merchant.   
The PayPal Pro method is paid, but a customer won't be redirected to the PayPal website and the payment transactions will be held on your website. For configuring this method go to the Delivery and payments module/Payment systems/PayPal Pro.

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