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If you have decided, which template is suited for your business, use this simple form for ordering. We will take care that your website starts working today.


You can look into the functionality of the websites for rent on our demo versions.


If you rent a website, you will get the next options:

  1. A complete e-commerce website with the user flow
  2. Content management system
  3. Support
  4. Aid for filling in your information on the website

If you need a site catalog for rent, we have completed templates with convenient navigation and a feature that allows emphasizing keywords.


Our templates of landing pages have a slider, a list of advantages, a list of services, and a feedback form. These templates will be useful for the starting internet point of any business.

Disk space, Gb * Approximate items, pcs. Price per month, £.
1 4000 17.99
2 8000 31.99
4 24000 56.99

* The prices are approximate. The exact price depends on the number of photos,

texts, and additional files

If you are wondering which content management system will be used for your website - it's BCMS 6.0. Simple and intuitive. About one thousand websites were developed leveraging this CMS, most of them are e-commerce websites. That is why our service for renting an e-commerce website consists of all the features that are general for any modern e-shop.


All feature updates for websites taken for rent will be free.

Rent a website
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