Catalogue for rent

Have goods or services and want to promote them?
Just 24 hours or less and your internet platform is ready. *
This type of website is supposed to be used as a showcase without online trading. There are two easy steps to start:

  1. Chose and buy a domain name
  2. Chose a template

The rest is up to us, and regularly it takes 24 hours to make a copy for you.


By renting a website - catalogue you will get:

  • A completely functioning website - catalogue with the registration flow
  • Content management system
  • A feature that gives you the ability to work with the view of the website.
  • Support
  • An aide in filling information into your website.


* - The pricing depends on the size of your website.

Disk space, Gb * Approximate items, pcs. Price per month, £.
1 4000 17.99
2 8000 31.99
4 24000 56.99

* The prices are approximate. The exact price depends on the number of photos,

texts, and additional files

Go to our FAQ page for more information and looking into the general questions about the renting

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